Joint Replacement

The human body has three kinds of joints. There are fixed joints, such as those in your skull, which do not move. Other joints, such as those between the vertebrae in your spine, move only slightly. The majority of joints are movable, for different functions, including: ball and socket joints which allow swinging motion (hip and shoulder) — hinge joints for swinging movement (knees and elbows) — and pivot joints (neck and elbow). The joints are attached and supported by ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Joints can be damaged by injury or diseases. Arthritis and/or years of wear and tear can cause degeneration, which leads to pain, stiffness, and swelling. If other treatments are ineffective, joint replacement may be the best solution for eliminating pain and restoring mobility, primarily for the hip, knee, and shoulder.

Modern joint replacement surgery uses new techniques and advanced materials that produce better outcomes and longer-lasting prostheses (the artificial components that replace the damaged joint).

Why choose CMO for your joint replacement?

Our Total Joint Replacement Program is a well-established, highly regarded regional resource for joint replacement surgery. Procedures, which require hospitalization, are performed by CMO surgeons at the Orthopaedic Institute of Central Maine (OICM), which is a dedicated orthopaedic surgery care unit developed in collaboration between CMO and Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC).

CMO has a number of surgeons that specialize in joint replacement. Dr. Jeffrey Bush specializes in primary and revision hip and knee replacement. Dr. Michael Regan specializes in total joint surgery and spine surgery. Dr. Matthew Bush and Dr. Patrick Fallon perform reverse shoulder replacement as well as traditional shoulder replacement.

Experience is the best criteria for choosing a surgeon for joint replacement. The surgeons of Central Maine Orthopaedics have a long history of successful replacement surgeries that allow patients to return to everyday activity.

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