Each of our feet has 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 150 ligaments, and an intricate network of muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. The average person takes about 6,000 steps a day. It is no surprise that so many people complain about aching feet. It is estimated that 80 percent of foot problems occur in women — due largely to ill-fitting shoes or high heels. For men, the issues are more likely related to being overweight or not wearing proper athletic shoes.

There is a wide range of injuries, problems, conditions, and diseases of the foot that require medical attention, everything from fungal infections to tendonitis — sprains and fractures — arthritis and diabetes-related problems — the list goes on and one. The specialists at CMO can give you the care you need for any foot or ankle problem.

Why choose CMO for your foot or ankle problem?

CMO offers a comprehensive Foot & Ankle Program with both surgical and medical care (including podiatry) under the direction of specialists James M. Timoney, D.O., and Michael C. Saraydarian, D.P.M. Dr. Saraydarian has an expertise and extensive experience in treating foot problems arising from diabetes.

Many foot and ankle issues can be resolved with conservative treatment such as modifying footwear, following a specific exercise program, medication, and other options. If these are not successful, other procedures, including surgery, can be effective. Foot and ankle surgery is generally outpatient day surgery, which can be performed at the CMO Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC).

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