How do you get rid of foot fungus?

January 12, 2017

Diane Atwood recently had a reader submit a question to her blog Catching Health regarding how best to treat and cure foot fungus. She turned to Central Maine Orthopaedics and Dr. Michael Saraydarian for his expertise. Dr. Saraydarian said:

“The first course of action when treating foot fungus is topical care. Try to control the moisture levels your feet are exposed to by choosing shoes that breathe well, changing your socks a few times throughout the day and allowing as much exposed, fresh air time out of shoes and socks as possible when at home. Additionally, you may try using topical antifungal creams that can be purchased any grocery or drug store. One of the most common foot funguses is tinea pedis, more widely known as “Athlete’s Foot”. This form of foot fungus usually responds well to at home treatments, but if you have exhausted the aforementioned options and your fungus hasn’t been resolved you should call your primary care physician or speak with a podiatrist who can better diagnose your fungus and prescribe you a more aggressive oral antifungal medication.” – Michael C. Saraydarian, DPM, FACFAS

To read the full article, visit Catching Health.

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