Orthopaedic Institute of Central Maine

Orthopaedic Institute of Central Maine (OICM)

In 2010, CMO partnered with Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC) to build and develop the Orthopaedic Institute of Central Maine (OICM). Located in unit within CMMC and staffed 100% with orthopaedic specialists, the OICM offers a comprehensive approach to care for orthopaedic surgical patients. Learn more about the OICM and the highly successful Core Connect Care™ program.

Maine Spinecare

Maine Spinecare

Housed within CMO, Maine Spinecare is a center of excellence that offers patients a local facility for the diagnosis and treatment of neck and back pain, injuries, and illnesses. The center’s philosophy of starting with a conservative approach to treatment is evident in the dual medical management of Maine Spinecare: medical Dr. Matthew McLaughlin is the Medical Director and Dr. Michael Regan is the Surgical Director. Maine Spinecare uses the very latest technologies and skills to diagnose problems and recommend treatment. These include onsite X-ray and MRI and the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC).

Statistics show that four out of five Americans will suffer from back and/or neck pain in their lifetime. That is why CMO created Maine Spinecare. Studies show that 80 percent of patients benefit from the most conservative treatment, such as a heat/ice regimen, a personalized exercise and physical therapy program, and/or medication. Another 10 to 15 percent of back/neck pain sufferers may benefit from injection therapy. Only about 5 to 10 percent may need surgical intervention. Maine Spinecare sees, and treats, patients across this spectrum.
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