2017 Employee Appreciation Week

July 25, 2017

Last week the team at CMO celebrated our annual “Employee Appreciation Week”.  Each year our Employee Wellness and Appreciation Committee chooses a theme and plans fun activities for the staff as a way of saying “Thank You” for all the hard work they put in each and every day.  This year’s theme was “Rock and Roll”! See below for photos from our BBQ Lunch and a message from Dr. Matt Bush.

Team CMO,

On behalf of the Physicians and myself, I’d like to close out this year’s Employee Appreciation Week with a few words of thanks.

Working with each and every one of you has been an incredible JOURNEY. We understand that our work can get crazy sometimes with the many demands of keeping a clinic and ASC running smoothly, we are always in a RUSH, but you never run for THE DOORS and you always say “YES”. We are all so different, quite the MOTLEY CRUE, it’s a good thing no one has called THE POLICE! Quite a CULTURE CLUB we have assembled here. But we come together to make an incredible team. Working with you is NIRVANA, an OASIS if you will. You are our MUSE to get up and do it again each day. THE CURE for a bad day can always be found in your positive attitudes.  You are not just a bunch of TALKING HEADS, you lead by example and deliver amazing care to our patients. We, physicians, tend to get all the credit from our patients, but I think the kudos belong to U2. You all work so hard each and every day – like a bunch of ROLLING STONES, you gather no moss.

So make sure you take care of yourselves and find some time to relax and enjoy the outdoors during our beautiful Maine summer.  Maybe try hitting up the BEACH BOYS and girls!

Thank you for all that you do bring the best care to our patients each and every day. ROCK ON!

-Matt BUSH

PS. NO DOUBT now I know what QUEEN Paula feels like every holiday party during “left, right, left” game!

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