Total joint replacement

Total joint replacement


If you have arthritis pain in your hip or knee and noninvasive treatments don’t help anymore, you might benefit from total joint replacement. Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure that involves removing a damaged joint and replacing it with a plastic or metal device, called a prosthesis. (This new joint is inside your body — you do not see the prosthesis).

Why choose CMO for your hip or knee replacement?

The Central Maine Orthopaedics Total Joint Replacement Program is a well-established, highly regarded regional resource for joint replacement surgery, which is performed at the Orthopaedic Institute of Central Maine at Central Maine Medical Center or at the Center for Joint Replacement at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Jeffrey L. Bush is an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in primary and revision hip and knee replacement, as well as hip and knee arthroscopy. Dr. Michael R. Regan is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in total joint surgery, spine surgery, and general orthopaedics.

CMO also provides shoulder replacement surgery

In addition to hip and knee replacements, CMO performs shoulder replacements, including reverse shoulder replacement.

Shoulder replacement surgery offers new techniques and materials that produce better outcomes than older, more traditional surgical solutions. For example, until recently, procedures for patients with a deficient rotator cuff and/or advanced shoulder joint arthritis with bone and cartilage loss offered limited outcomes. Traditional shoulder surgery — even total shoulder replacement — could not both restore mobility and alleviate pain.

With reverse shoulder replacement, the replacement implant is reversed — putting the ball on the socket side and vice versa. This positioning allows the shoulder muscle to compensate for the torn or degenerated rotator cuff and restore the ability to fully lift the arm and do so without pain. It is not a procedure for everyone, but it can provide pain-free mobility to patients who have not had success with traditional shoulder replacement.

At CMO, Matthew D. Bush, M.D., and Patrick J. Fallon, M.D., specialize in shoulder replacement, and both doctors perform reverse shoulder replacement.

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